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For My Love...

...my only love

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I am something that can be touched and seen and smelled and even eaten though I may not taste very good.

I am something that is very small and very big and very fat and very thin though maybe not all at once.

I am something that will fold and crumble and burn and tear and be soaked in with thoughts thought maybe not on my own.

I am something that won't forget or scream or bleed or hurt or be angry, at least not all at once, though I may be somewhat like that on the inside as I am washed with all sorts of emotions.

I am something that is really simple and complex and confusing and understandable, with you every day, though you may not even realize I am even there.

I am like a piece of paper with writing on it, telling the world what I am made of and what I can do and what will happen when you misuse me, so please, don't ever misuse me, because....

I am all that I have said I am and remember well:

I am something that is fragile and strong and weak and funny (but not always the "haha" kind) and deep and shallow and a whole lot more though you may not be able to see it all on the surface.

Treat me with kindness, respect, care, gentleness, and most of all, LOVE.

I am here for you, no matter what, so don't take advantage of me or forsake me because I won't ever do that to you.... ever.


You may not know me, or realize why I am here, but I am the muse of Unboundsoul here on Livejournal. I am also the shadow in the back of Duchess of Darkness's mind. I am always around so look out for me, I may just pop up out of nowhere with something new. Of course, you are welcome to linger in my box, poking about, learing about the people I associate myself with, but remember: if you are to so much as talk to me, know that any back-talk or bad-mouthing will get you pushed out of my mind and forbidden from ever stepping inside again. If all is clear, take a tour, enjoy yourself, have fun, and be careful of any strangeness you may come across (I hold no insurance over your mentally or heart rate). Thank you.

.Urahara is cracked out love.

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