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[Aug. 12th, 2007|08:09 pm]
AN: This story is dedicated to my friend, Alex, who’s been looking forward to a Gravitation fic for some time now. Unfortunately, she never specified what kind of pairing she wanted, so I took that matter into my own hands and came up with this weird thing. Major pairing you see will be (dun-dun-duunn~!) Hiro/K. Crazy, no? Have fun everyone! Please review for me and tell me how I’m doing for my first Gravi fic. (Hehe.)

Sweet Victory


Hiro took a drag of his cigarette as he stared out over the balcony of his apartment. It was a wonderful, quiet night, perfect to spend with his lover. There was a lot of troubles between them at first, keeping things a secret, dealing with family and friends, battling between career and private life, and everything in between. Hiro hated it at first, but with a lot of persuasion and stalking (on his lover’s part), he was convinced it was okay. There was (and still is) a lot of secret get-togethers, some in his lover’s office, some in his own apartment, and some even in his lover’s car. It wasn’t hard to imagine what happened whenever they “got together.” Oh, yeah, there was a lot more bonding than just the meeting of two persons.

Smiling wryly at the thought, Hiro took another drag. Behind him he heard the shower running, signaling that his lover was still washing up. They had just gotten off work naught but an hour or so ago, and they decided to take turns cleaning off the sweat and grim (and makeup, in Hiro’s case) off them after a long day. Hiro took the first turn, eager to get out of his clothes and wash away his performance makeup.

Bad Luck had a concert that evening, and as usual, it was packed. Despite the skimpy clothing he and his band members were wearing, they had sweated a lot, tiring themselves out. Shuichi was the first to crash, falling straight into his lover’s arms as soon as he could change out of his costume and clean up most of the makeup on his face. Hiro didn’t bother too much with the makeup since he knew he could do it at home, so as soon as he switched clothes, he left with his lover.

The sound of the shower turning off told Hiro that his lover was done. Smiling a bit, he looked skywards. There was a lot of times that he couldn’t believe that he was with this person, that he was stuck with this being. He was harassed, pressured, stalked, and more just to win his heart. Disturbed beyond reason, Hiro didn’t understand why he gave in.


The guitarist didn’t turn around as his lover came up behind him and wrapped their arms around his waist, resting a chin on his shoulder.

“What are you doing out here stark naked?”

As if on cue, a wandering hand slid lower. Hiro chuckled and finished off his cigarette. Oh yeah, he almost forgot, his lover was possessive and naughty. Maybe that was why Hiro gave in...

“Clean out of the shower and already you’re eager to bone me, K.”

Turning in his lover’s arms, Hiro met the face of his current lover. It was a match that was never supposed to happen, but somehow, it did. At first, Hiro was worried about K’s wife, Julie, but every time he brought it up, K would slyly draw the conversation elsewhere, reassuring him that everything was okay.

K’s hands were now in perfect position over the Japanese rock star’s ass. With a grin, he leaned forward and captured his lips. Hiro made a noise of disapproval but didn’t move away. The American took that to his advantage and cupped his butt, pressing their bodies together. When the other man broke the kiss to reprimand him, K dove his head and ran kisses down his neck.


“Yes, Hiro?” K breathed against his flesh.

Hiro nearly melted in the older man’s arms, throwing his head back and wrapping his arms around the American’s neck. “Mm... the least you can do is take me inside to do this instead of letting me worry about freezing while we’re in the middle of it.”

K chuckled. “You were the one who was standing out here naked and inviting for all to see you.”

Nonetheless, the blonde hefted the young man up, letting him wrap his legs around his waist while he carried him back inside to their bedroom, kicking the door such on his way. He leaned over his lover and kissed him, easing them properly onto the bed. Hiro opened his mouth to meet K’s playful tongue, distracted by the man’s wandering hands. He had never felt like this blissful than when he was making love with K. It wasn’t just sex to him like the times he shared beds with Eiri Yuki’s old fiancée. Apart from where he had to lead in his last relationship, Hiro had no problem being submissive when it came to bed activities.

Gasping when K nipped at a sensitive spot on his neck, Hiro wove his hands through the other man’s hair, giving his hands something to do while he bared his neck. K nipped once more at the tender spot before sucking and flicking out his tongue taste the nicely forming mark. He knew that by the time they were done, his lover would be covered deliciously in his territorial marks. No one would be able to touch him without knowing that he was already claimed.

Kisses trailed and echoed all over Hiro’s body, and Hiro was almost too high in heaven to react to each motion. Sure that K was purposely being rough with him, Hiro kissed back with just as much force, laying his own marks on the man’s body, but being more discrete about it, choosing places that couldn’t be exposed in public. As for his own body, Hiro didn’t care that he was soon covered in love bites. After all this time with the man, he had grown more comfortable with displaying their bond.

Something pressed against Hiro’s thigh, drawing his attention to it. Glancing down at it around K’s shoulder, he spotted the man’s towel still wrapped around the man’s waist. To K, he wove his hand into his hair and gently tugged him back from his body.

“K, you’re still wearing your towel.”

K glanced down at himself and laughed. Without a word, he moved away from his lover and seductively slid it off his hips, letting it fall to his knees before he tossed if away. Hiro looked over the American’s body with relish, loving the sight of him fully naked. From his position on the bed, he pushed himself up to a sitting position and grinned.

“You’re beautiful.”

K wound an arm around the man’s back, supporting him as he bent forward to kiss him. Hiro met those abusive lips with passion, opening his mouth to touch and battle with the other. K eased them back onto the bed, Hiro’s hair pooling about his head like a black halo. K’s own blonde tresses intertwined with Hiro’s dark hair, and amongst the sea K caught one of Hiro’s hand and intertwined their fingers, trapping the hand there at the same time.

Hiro moaned as the kiss stole his breath and became more fierce, making him gasp for air when they broke away. K breathed in his ear, whispering endearing words to him as he pressed their bodies together, the force nearly enough to make the bed squeak in protest. They were both hard and one of K’s hands found its way between them to Hiro’s hot member. Stroking the length, he coaxed a long and breathy moan out of the boy.

“No, Hiro, you are beautiful...” K whispered against Hiro’s nipple, wrapping his teeth around it flicking out his tongue.

Hiro clumsily grabbed the other man’s hair and pulled him back up for a kiss, probably pulling just a bit too hard as K smirked at the action. Unraveling their fingers, K cupped the rock star’s cheek while Hiro took K’s face into both hands. They kissed and somehow K ended up on his side while Hiro’s leg was perched on his hip, raised for easier access. K smiled at his lover and ground them together, letting his hand leave Hiro’s face to wander across his body.

Hiro let himself ease into the other man’s hand, shuddering in pleasure as fingers teased his sensitive spots. “Cliché bastard,” he ground out when K gave him a moment to breathe through all of his menstruations.

K slid down the younger man’s body, leaving a trail of kisses along the way. He prolonged each kiss and breathed against the tickled skin when he reached Hiro’s lower abs, following the small trail of hair leading to his goal. “Would you like me to show you how beautiful you are?”

When a kiss was planted right there, Hiro moaned a yes. He could feel K rather than see him as he shut his eyes. The man’s fingers ran along the inside of his thigh, making his suck in a shuddering breath. He knew what he was anticipating, and that fact that it would not come immediately made him more anxious and hot. Damn, and he had just showered, too.

Kisses helped Hiro know what K was doing, and the fact that K always did things differently each time they made love, made Hiro clutch at the sheets underneath him as he waited impatiently, enjoying and agonizing each touch, each kiss, each and every feel of his lover. He wanted him so bad...

“So impatient, Hiroshi...” K said as his fingers trailed along the other man’s member, stroking and giving it plenty of attention. He chuckled as Hiro’s hands and toes curled into the sheets more desperately. He knew what Hiro wanted. He knew what he wanted himself, but he wanted to drag it out, earning each moan, each plead, each whisper from Hiro as the dark-haired rock star called his name and begged for that.

Holding one of the bent legs in his hand, K planted a kiss along the man’s inner thigh, trailing from just above his knee to where it reached his member. He did the same with the other leg, planting a final kiss at the base. From there, he gingerly played with the other man’s length, kissing the tip and licking away the pre-cum. Slowly, ever so slowly, he ran his tongue over the head and along the entire length, trailing back before kissing the tip again and taking it into his mouth.

K felt Hiro grab hold of some of his hair and pull slightly. Letting a chuckle rise from the back of his throat and thrum against the man’s member, he breathed around delectable hot rod as he said, “Don’t pull my hair, Hiro, or I might accidentally bite down on you.”

The hand didn’t release him, but didn’t pull either. With a smile, K continued his work, slowly working his way to the base, taking Hiro whole. As he continued to rub his tongue against the under part of Hiro’s member, a pleasured shudder and racking moan ran through the black-haired man. A whimper followed after when K slowly pulled away, leaving Hiro feeling alone in the strangest sense. K reached up and kissed the man, assuring him that he was still there. Hiro kissed back fiercely, trailing his kisses down to the dip of K’s neck. He felt K settle between his legs, hooking one of his legs around his waist. Hiro smashed his lips against K’s as he raised his ass in the air, welcoming to K.

K smiled against his lover’s lips, pulling him back with a gentle tug of his hand woven in his dark hair. Hiro’s eyes shone in lust and anticipation for the next act while K licked his fingers and probed him. Hiro involuntarily closed over K’s fingers, but the American didn’t mind as he kissed the man and coaxed him into relaxing, letting him ease in two fingers.

“You okay?”

Hiro nodded and reached up to kiss his lover. They broke only for K to lick his fingers again, sticking the wet digits into Hiro’s mouth. Hiro ran his tongue over the offered digits, making a small smacking sound with his lips when the hand retreated and returned to its duty below. As three wet digits slid into him, Hiro lifted his other leg and wound it around K’s waist as well. He stared dazedly at his lover’s face as he relaxed and waited while the digits left him and was replaced something larger and more filling.

Kisses rained down Hiro’s face and down his neck as he was filled to the hilt, arching his back against his lover in ecstasy. Crying out his lover’s name, he curled his hands in the man’s hair, scraping at his bare back as the man drove into him several times, always hitting that spot inside him. Kisses continued to cover his body, but Hiro didn’t pay any attention to them as repeated blows burst throughout him, making his nerves and brain go short-circuit in heavenly bliss.

Driven to the point of seeing white, Hiro released himself, his partner panting in sync with him as they stared at each other. Sweat rolled down Hiro’s face and all over his body, making him stick to his lover. What more, something else made them sticky and stick to each other. Grinning through his panting, Hiro kissed the other man again, pulling back only to repeatedly whisper the other man’s name. K drove into the man again more roughly now, flitting his kisses across the other man’s face, neck and shoulders until he himself came and collapsed on top of the smaller man. Hiro maneuvered as best he could until they had switched places, lying himself atop K’s chest. They were sticky with sweat and cum, but neither of them cared.

After a long moment, Hiro removed himself from around K, sliding his body up and down the other man’s front. Planting a kiss here and there, he echoed K’s previous actions and trailed slowly to the man’s member, kissing through the white substance and licking and tasting the bitterness. With his lips coated, he bared his teeth and grated them gently against the hard rod. He took the head and stroked the man’s balls. He earned his own share of his name being called out to him, and Hiro could only reluctantly pull away and slither back up to meet the man’s lips, capturing them in a fiery kiss. Hands entangled each other’s hair while bodies stayed pressed together, moaning and whispers filtering the air.

K pulled back as he nipped finally at another spot of flesh on Hiro’s body. Hiro slowly rested himself fully on the other man, wrapping his arms around the man’s broad chest, smiling against his skin. Yes, this was right... He wasn’t complete until he and K fucked. It was making love, he told himself.

“You know,” K started after a long silent moment of them staring at nothing in particular. “I much rather like being inside you than you running that long tongue around me.”

“Oh, really?” Hiro snorted, hugging the man tighter. “And what if I tried coming inside you?”

K laughed, his chest shaking at the rumble, bouncing Hiro. “That’ll never happen, love. I’m too addicted to being swallowed by you whole. You’re just too delicious for me to be doing nothing but eating.”

Hiro prodded the man in the side with his finger. “You think I can’t, K? I can easily turn the tables on you.”

“Can you, now? I’d like to see you try, Hiro, because you haven’t been doing a very good job as of yet.”

“A pet always revolts against his master. Remember that, K.” Hiro grinned, looking up at the older man.

K looked back down at him with a similar grin, bringing his arm around the man’s shoulders and drawing him up for a kiss. “My Hiroshi is a pet? Ah, well, I’d like to practice some of the more rough disciplinary activities in the near future as your master.”

Hiro laughed and wrinkled his nose at the thought and pulled away slightly. “You sadistic jerk.”

K laughed and stole a kiss from the man before quickly turning their positions and hovering over him. “Sweet victory! You’ll never win, Hiro, my love.”

Hiro growled playfully and pulled the man down for a rough kiss, challenging his last statement. K growled predatorily in return and dove straight for his mark, knowing he wouldn’t and never did miss.


AN: That’s it! Eeeh, I’m finished! Man, that was difficult. I don’t often do sex scenes because I’m terrible at them, and I’m sure this wasn’t any different from any of my other attempts in the past. One thing I’ll say is that I was listening to the song “Push It” by Garbage while I was writing this. (sweatdrop) Heh heh. ^^; Anyway, I’d like to know what everyone thinks. Please leave a review for me, thank you.


Hiro stretched as he woke to a busy city. He started buttoning up his shirt as he finished getting ready for rehearsals today. K had already left do run a bit of errands before he met up with Hiro at the studio to run through their routine and get some practice done for another concert and some new music. Hiro enjoyed the silent morning, but missed the long morning kiss when he woke up. By the time he had woken, K was already on his way out the door, simply waiting for Hiro to wake up so he knew he was leaving and what for.

Hiro shook his head and combed a hand through his hair before stamping on his shoes and heading out the door, running down the apartment to his motorcycle. He rode the elevator down and met a few of his neighbors along the way. For some reason, a few of them were giving him odd looks, more odd than usual since they knew he was a star.

Carrying the thought while he was walking out to the parking lot, he saw his bike with a little extra something with it. Taped to his seat was an envelope enclosing a letter. He picked it up and opened it, reading the content. When he finished, he laughed loudly. Well, it was bound to happen. The landlady had just kicked them out as of today for being “too loud” at night and was giving them a week to move out. Folding up the letter and pocketing it, Hiro straddled his bike and started it up, laughing still as he pulled his helmet over his head. What a day it was going to be. He had better tell K, then. The man would have a laugh when he learned about this new discovery.

Revving the engine, Hiro tore out of the parking lot and on his way to the studio with a smile on his face and one thought on his mind: K, this is all your fault, for making me scream every time we make love. You domineering bastard. But I love you anyway.

First (and only) copy: 3/10/05