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"Torture and Pleasure" -- a KxHiro (Gravi) oneshot [Aug. 4th, 2007|07:51 pm]

Note: I think this one just came to me on whim. I didn’t really ever plan on making this, especially the way I did, so it’s more of a surprise / accident it even exists than a planned masterpiece (and it is FAR from being a masterpiece). And I’m not quite sure if you could call this a sequel to the other “story” I wrote on this couple, but it is a continuation of their love, just different scene, better (hopefully) stuff.

Rating: NC17 (PWP --- der...)


Torture and Pleasure

a Gravitation fanfic one-shot


Hiro yawned, catching his cigarette before it fell from his wide-open mouth. He leaned back against the car seat and tilted his head back. Out of the top corner of his vision he could see the night sky from the side window. There were a few stars out, pretty yet dull against the moon’s full globe, but most were hidden by the scattered clouds drifting by.

Hiro didn’t know what he was doing here, sitting in a van, in the middle of the night, staring up at the sky. K had stepped outside to go do... something, and that was more than twenty minutes ago. Hiro sighed, tilting his seat back so that he could stretch and lie down. A van was probably the only vehicle in Japan that had more leg room than the size of his hand. He couldn’t understand why all Japanese cars had to be so compact. There were tall Asians roaming around nowadays.

With a click of his tongue, Hiro went and adjusted his seat, pushing it back as far as it could go. He settled back, finally comfortable with his cigarette back in his mouth. It wasn’t long before sleepiness started to control him; it was fucking two o’clock at night and here he was doing nothing in a van in the middle of God knew where, and he wanted to sleep.

Sleep. Yes, sleeeeeeppp...

Hiro’s eyes drooped shut and his head rolled to the side. His finished cigarette fell out of his mouth; it was only an instant later that he fell completely asleep.

And it seemed like only another passed before he was awake again. Hiro groggily opened his eyes, still half asleep, finding K up in his face, bent over him with a silly grin. Hiro furrowed his brows in question, shifting when he suddenly felt uncomfortable. ...Wait now, he wasn’t in his seat anymore. Hiro lifted his head, a little more awake now, and saw over K’s naked (?!) shoulder the front windshield and the night sky beyond. He could feel the fluffy, yet hard structure of the back of the van’s carpeted interior. That was right; K had previously installed some kind of weird fluffy carpet for the floor of the interior. The back seats were taken out just for this purpose.

Bad Luck sometimes used the van to carry some of their instruments back and forth between gigs, but since they were on vacation right now, there was no need. The carpet, only slightly worn from the weight and shifting of expensive musical instruments now felt and smelled clean. Did K vacuum back here?

Hiro forced himself to wake up, frowning up at the band’s manager. He made a move to bring his hand to his face and rub out some of the sleepiness from his eyes, but quickly found them immobilized. Jerked fully awake by this revelation, Hiro looked above his head to his arms. To his amazement (and great annoyance), he found his wrists bound and leashed to two different corners of the van. The cords attached to his cuffs were tied down to pegs that were previously used to strap down the instruments. Now, they were used to strap him down.

“K---” Hiro started to protest. “What the hell am---”

But K cut him off when he bit down hard on a tender spot on Hiro’s neck. Hiro cried out in shock, and squirmed as two strong, callused, and cold hands wandered over his bare torso. Ah, so cold! Wait--- when did he get undressed? Did K strip him while he was asleep? How deeply was Hiro---

Hiro moaned when K sucked on his neck, his eyelids dropping to half-mast. K smirked against him, and flicked out his tongue to complete his mark on Hiro’s flesh.

The Asian groaned. “You son of a...” He never finished the end of the sentence.

K moved to the other side of his head, gently tilted it to the side, and blew on his ear. A shudder ran through Hiro’s body, and his hands twitched to cover his tickled ear. Hiro made a noise at the handicap of having his hands tied.

K chuckled at him for sounding so adorably pathetic, and brought his mouth closer to the man’s ear. Another shudder ran over Hiro’s body, and he squirmed. K held him still by pressing their bodies together, one hand stilled over Hiro’s hip. The other hand tangled into Hiro’s hair, K’s forearm supporting him as he nipped at the guitarist’s ear.

Hiro gasped. He’d never felt this before; he wanted to toss his head and dislodge K from his offended cartilage. But of course, K wouldn’t, he gripped at Hiro’s hair to hold him still, and rubbed his ear between his teeth delicately, exhaling sharply. The burst of warm air made Hiro gasp again, quickly turned into a mewl, a sound so foreign on his lips, as K darted out his tongue and ran it over the edge of the cartilage.

The direction quickly changed and turned inward, and without warning, he plunged his tongue into Hiro’s ear. Hiro jerked, his body wriggling. He fought against K to turn his head – away from him, toward him; he didn’t know – but K cradled his head and swirled his tongue.

Hiro couldn’t stand it. K held their heads close and from deep within his throat purred, the sound amplified in Hiro’s ear, driving him crazy. He panted and whined, half from loss and half from relief when K removed his tongue and lifted his head a bit.

“Are you excited yet?” K teased him. K knew the answer already; Hiro damn well knew the answer already. Their bodies were pressed so firmly together, Hiro would’ve been surprised if K didn’t feel his erection against his own. And as if to answer his own question and check for himself, K’s hand on Hiro’s hip slid between their bodies and grabbed Hiro’s erection. “Oh? What’s this?”

Hiro, in his delirium, was glad that for some strange reason, in K’s mischief, he had left Hiro’s boxers on. They sure didn’t do any to hide his excitement to K’s special treatment tonight, though. Through the fabric of Hiro’s boxers, K stroked his balls. Hiro pushed into K’s expert hand; he cursed the older man for playing him.

“Aa, just get on with it, please! ... Nnnnnh...”

K slipped his hand inside Hiro’s boxers and pushed them off the man’s hips, sliding them off and tossing them upfront. He lifted off of Hiro a bit, giving just enough space so that when Hiros’ erection hailed, he could reach back up and grab it. He wrapped his fingers around it, causing Hiro to moan, and scraped the edge of his thumb nail under the head.

“Don’t---” Hiro cried, cutting off only when K jerked him. His hips twitched and his leg bent to give K better access.

K gladly took the invitation and pumped him a few more times. Hiro pulled at the cords, his hands clawing at the air to grab something, anything. K smirked at him and kissed him on the lips; he pushed his tongue into the man’s mouth and stroked his tongue with his own. At the same time, his hand jerked at Hiro’s cock again before sliding his hand down to the base and grabbing his balls, massaging and rolling them in his palm. Hiro’s cock twitched and he moaned into K’s mouth. When the blond broke the kiss, he kissed Hiro on his cheek, his nose, his chin, his neck; leaving a trail of kisses down his body.

K only stopped manipulating Hiro’s cock when he continued to kiss all down the guitarist’s lean body. Hiro bit the corner of his bottom lip as he felt K’s lips brush against the skin just below his navel, shivering. He could feel the man’s hair brushing against his hip and thigh. He could feel his cock pulse; and K was not one to disappoint. When his nose drowned in Hiro’s unique, pungent smell, in the tuft of pubic hair, K only paused for short moment before he attacked the base of Hiro’s manhood.

K nipped at the sensitive skin at the base, right above the mess of hair between his legs. His tongue darted out to sooth the tender flesh, and soon enough wrapped around the underside of the penis. K slid his tongue around the entire base, scraping his teeth delicately. He pulled back only to lick his lips, continuing to wet the entire cock with his saliva. Above him, Hiro could barely keep still; with all the squirming and shivering, K had to press down Hiro’s torso with his forearm.

Not that he minded, really. He loved Hiro’s reactions. He loved them so much, he could just eat Hiro’s right here and now. In fact, he would.

K reached the head and blew on in lightly. Hiro’s cock twitched in response, reminding the American of a dog’s ears when it hears its master calling. K laughed inwardly and opened his mouth, dropping on the cock. He swirled his tongue around the underside of the head and hummed as he swallowed more of Hiro’s manhood.

Hiro moaned as he felt the vibrations of K’s voice surrounding his penis. He tried to lift his hips to get K to take him whole, but K’s arm pressed against his hips and held him down. It made him more excited and desperate, and he pulled at his bindings and his hands clawed the air, his body screaming for K’s head to go down, NOW.

K denied him, however, and continued to torture him as he hummed again, running his sly tongue over the head and catching between his teeth the over skin. With his other hand, the one that didn’t press against Hiro’s torso to hold him still, he pushed Hiro’s other leg to the side and resettled himself between the man’s legs. He cupped Hiro’s butt cheek and massaged it. He gave another long hum, almost making a tune out of it, and opened his mouth to inhale before closing it again and continuing to moan.

Hiro bucked again, trying to force K to move, when K brushed his fingertip against his hole. Hiro whined. “You haven’t even---”

K chuckled and removed his hand from Hiro’s ass. He brushed his fingers against the man’s lips in a silent question. Lick them for me? Hiro made a noise of disapproval but sucked on his fingers anyway. He swirled his tongue around the three digits, thickly coating them with saliva. K rubbed the pad of his thumb over Hiro’s jaw line and started to slowly bob his head up and down. Hiro could only stand a few moments before he had to gasp for breath and toss his head to the side.

His body ached to move, but K was restricting his movement.

“Damn you, K!” he growled, pushing his hips forward again.

The American brought his wet fingers back to Hiro’s ass and brushed his fingertips against his anus again. Hiro wriggled in response and spread his legs farther apart.

K sucked on his penis and pushed one finger inside at the same time, causing Hiro to spasm and mewl again. He shook his head vigorously, curling his toes and panting; he tried his hardest not to tense, but K’s finger was stroking him inside, and his tongue was stroking the tip of his head, and his other hand was stroking his the side of his torso, and---

Hiro moaned loud and long. He squeezed his eyes more tightly together; he didn’t even know when he had closed them in the first place. K started to bob more quickly than before, running his tongue all up and down his cock as he worked at stretching his entrance by inserting his middle finger. He was slow to insert the third finger, focusing more on what was in his mouth instead. His movement quickened, never quite taking him fully; it wasn’t until Hiro was relaxed and distracted enough to stretch nicely around K’s fingers that K relaxed his jaw.

He took a quick breath before pushing all the way to the base and engulfing Hiro’s penis. He moaned around the man’s hard member and ignored the initial incentive to gag as he felt Hiro touch the back of his throat.

Hiro cried out and bucked. K couldn’t hold him anymore and was rewarded when Hiro shoved all the way into his mouth. K gripped tightly at Hiro’s waist, almost about to push the man back down again when Hiro’s body suddenly jerked, and his cock twitched and spurted cum into his mouth. K gagged and pulled Hiro out of his mouth, swallowing some of the white substance while the rest dribbled down his chin like runny, bitter whipped cream.

Hiro panted, pressing the side of his face into the carpet. “S-sorry,” he wheezed, glancing up at K.

K coughed and licked his lips, moving his hand on Hiro’s hips to brace himself on the van floor. He glanced down at Hiro’s still-hard cock and smirked. “You’re going to pay for that.”

Hiro struggled to control his breath. His hair stuck to the sides of his face and neck, around his shoulders, and his bangs were plastered to his forehead. Through them he could see K’s messy face, cum all over his jaw, and his blond hair still tied back in a messy ponytail, some of it coming out and sticking to his fully naked body.

“H-How,” Hiro asked, turning his head away from the floor to look at K better. He shook his bangs out of his eyes.

K rubbed on the inside of Hiro’s entrance and scraped his fingernail against a fleshy wall. Hiro’s breath hitched and he started panting uncontrollably again. K chuckled and shifted, sliding back up Hiro’s body as he withdrew his fingers from the man’s anus. He wiped some of the white substance off of his face and rubbed it over his own manhood; he gripped Hiro’s hips and gently lifted him off the floor of the van. He guided it with his hand towards Hiro’s entrance.

Hiro automatically relaxed, his body twitching only once when K pressed against his ass, the tip of his head just barely pushing in. K bent over him, still smirking, only gave Hiro a split-second warning before he pushed all the way in, grunting when he touched the other man’s special spot.

Hiro shrieked and his body arched. He balled his hands into fists and yanked at his restraints. “Oh GOD!!

His breath caught in his throat as K pulled back then slammed into him again. He was sweating; he felt like a fire had erupted deep within his belly. His body shook with each thrust like he had just run thirty miles nonstop. He curled his toes when K touched him there again and again.

“K---! ... Aaah! ... More! MORE! ... God, YES!! ... Aaaannnhh---!!!

K hit homerun almost every time. Hiro screamed and moaned at the top of his lungs. His cheeks were aflame and his arms were starting to become numb from all the pulling he was doing against the cords. He knew he would have marks after this.

K panted and slammed deep into Hiro’s body again. He glanced up at the Asian’s arms and reached up to untie him. He struggled, and his body ached to move deeper. Hiro burned around him, and--- God, he felt so good... But K couldn’t leave Hiro like that. He jerked at the knots and pulled them loose with agonizing difficulty. He sighed when they finally gave way and nearly collapsed on top of Hiro.

Hiro wasted no time in wrapping his arms around the American’s neck and pulling him down for a rough and sloppy kiss. He wrapped his legs around his waist and pushed against him. K drove deeper into him, as deep as he could, and stayed there, Hiro’s legs tightening their hold around him.

Carefully, he rocked back, pulling Hiro with him as he supported the man’s back with one hand. He sat up, lifting Hiro off him a bit before slamming him down his cock, thrusting upwards at the same time. Hiro broke from the kiss and screamed over K’s shoulder, gripping tightly at the blonde’s shoulder as his other hand braced the roof of the van.

Hiro clamped around K, causing the man to make a moan.

K pressed his lips against Hiro’s chest, panting as he felt the vice grip around his manhood. Feeling those fleshy walls close so tightly around him made K want to stay like this forever. He kissed the smooth flesh of Hiro’s chest, darting out his tongue and drawing circles around the man’s pert nipple.

Hiro shivered. “K.....” he groaned, entangling his hand in the blonde’s hair.

He made small whimpering noises as K nipped him and pulled none-too-gently with his teeth. K sucked and rolled the hard, swollen nipple between his teeth.

K.....” Hiro whined again, pressing their bodies together. His cock pressed against K’s stomach, and his weeping tip reminded him of how he should be moving again.

Hiro gripped K’s hair and pulled the man away. He relaxed his muscles around K’s cock and unwrapped his legs from the man’s waist. He panted, biting the bottom of his lip as he pushed up off K, stopping just at the head before he dropped down hard on him, arching and biting back his scream as he hit that spot again. He rocked against him and moaned, gripping K’s shoulders tightly.

K gripped back at Hiro’s hips, his nails digging into the man’s precious skin. He pushed Hiro off him and pulled him down again, thrusting up to meet him.

“Hiro... Hiro Hiro Hiro...” he groaned as he thrust up into the Asian.

Hiro met thrust for thrust, moving quickly as K sped up.

The two moved in rhythm, in unison. They panted together, and moaned at the same time. Hiro made considerably louder noise, but K’s vice grip around his hips kept slamming the two of them together. Hiro clawed at K’s back, arching and pressing their bodies together. His weeping cock burned against K’s stomach, but it felt so good...

Hiro tightened around the blond again, and brought them back down to the floor of the van again. He pulled out and thrust up into K as the man bent over him, kissing and biting his shoulder.

K moaned against Hiro and swallowed as he pulled all the way out of Hiro. Hiro protested loudly, gripping at K’s hair, but when K explained himself, Hiro released him.

“Get on your stomach.”

Hiro groaned as he moved, flipping over on his front. He arched his back as he lifted his hips, spreading his legs. He cradled his head with his arms and looked over his shoulder as he wiggled his ass in K’s face.

The American laughed and grabbed one cheek, pinching it. Hiro yelped and glared at K. K only grinned back and kissed the injured flesh. He kissed his way up Hiro’s spine, positioning himself at Hiro’s entrance again at the same time. Hiro got no warning when K rammed into him. He pressed his face to the carpet floor and screamed, feeling that fire in him burst in life.

Shiiittt......” he groaned into the carpet. He was about to explode!

K thrust into him deep and hard, their skins slapping together in a rude noise. Hiro swirled his ass around K’s cock and pushed back as K settled in him before pulling back and slamming in again.

He gripped at the carpet as he cried out with each thrust, pushing back to meet him halfway. His aching, weeping cock burned to release. His throat was hurting from all the screaming.

K could be heard panting over his shoulder, his large hands gripping at his hips. Hiro shuddered out a moan and shook his head, pressing his forehead against the carpet when K suddenly stopped. He looked up between his legs at his own penis, biting his lip as he saw how close he was to coming.

K...” he moaned, his eyes burning at the threat of tears. “Why did you stop?

K wheezed a chuckle and pulled out of Hiro, stopping just at the head. As expected, Hiro whined at the loss. But then, K thrust into the Asian with all his might, hitting his sweet spot again.

Hiro gave another scream and came, his body bowing back, his face lifted as he could no longer hold it against the floor. K gasped as he came inside him, shooting his semen inside the man’s body. He pulled back halfway and thrust back into Hiro a few more times, finishing off his ejaculation.

Aaaannnnnhh....... Aaahhh...” Hiro mewled weakly, his body suddenly heavy. He felt empty and full at the same time.

With great effort, he twisted around until he was on his back and facing K again. The blond collapsed on top of him as if on cue. Hiro felt his own cum against his back, and inside him, he was wet and full with K’s. He wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and held him close, curling his fingers in the man’s hair.

K’s hot and heavy breath was against his neck, the man nuzzling him as he encircled his arms around his torso.

HiroHiroHiroHiro...” K chanted in a low, rough voice.

K...” he sighed. “C...Claude...

K snorted a hot breath against Hiro’s skin and pressed his face against the junction between Asian’s neck and shoulders. “Don’t call me that...” he muttered. “You know I’m ‘K.’ ...”

Hiro clicked his tongue in response and tilted his head to the side, pressing his check against the American’s drenched forehead. Their bodies were sticky with sweat and semen, still connected even after coming.


The two men laid there for a few minutes, listening to each other’s heart slowly calm and steady, wrapped in each other’s embrace. It wasn’t until their bodies had cooled somewhat that K moved again.

The American wiggled his hips, getting a final feel of the hot cavern that was Hiro’s ass before he lifted off the other man and slowly pulled out. Hiro made a small whimpering noise when he felt that one thing completing him retreat, reluctantly loosening his hold. He could feel K’s cum dribble own of his ass and onto the fluffy carpet.

K grinned at him and cupped his limp manhood, his fingers brushing against the Asian’s abused ass hole. “We’ll have to clean that up...” he said in a playful, offhanded manner.

Hiro sighed and rested his hands over his stomach. He was exhausted. “Can’t we wait?” he asked with a tired look. “You’re really rough, K. I don’t know if I’ll ever walk again,” he teased.

K chuckled. “You’re the one who has to work your heart out on stage all the time; that’s not my fault. You’re so busy, I barely get any time with you.”

Hiro snorted and brought his hand up to flick K on the nose. “Yeah, thanks, Mr. Manager, because it actually is your fault for pushing us to stardom. And hey, it’s not like we haven’t had sex in a long time. We just did it the other week!”

“But that is a long time, Hiro!” K whined, touching the man’s hole again. “I miss this spot. I miss being inside you. I get so lonely.” He made a pathetic face, pouting and batting his eyelashes.

Hiro flicked at his nose again and scoffed. “I swear, if you keep fucking me so hard all the time, even Shuichi’s going to notice something!”

“I’m not surprised he hasn’t yet.”

“Hey, hey!” Hiro protested. “That’s my best friend you’re talking about. Even if you are right, I don’t want you giving him opportunities to find out!”

At that, K grinned madly. “Oh? Well, why not?” He slid down Hiro’s body and crept close to his weeping entrance. “We can go again, you know. I never have problems getting hard when it comes to you.” He licked at the substance that still flowed out of the Asian’s ass. “Mmm... And, you know what else? Even though I’ve come already, I definitely have no problem coming again.”

Hiro gasped when K lifted his ass off the carpet and plunged his tongue into his hole. His breath hitched and he gripped at the wet carpet when K sucked.

K---!!” he squeaked. “No!”

The American grinned and swirled his tongue around inside Hiro’s ass before pulling back, cum dribbling down his chin. He slid back up the man’s body, grinning.

Hiro groaned half in distaste as he caught sight of K with a mouthful of semen slithering up him like a overenthusiastic snake.

“You just ruined the mood, K,” he squelched, turning his head to the side.

K cupped his face and grinned at him, swallowing his mouthful before he brought their mouths together in an open kiss. He swirled his tongue around Hiro’s, his grin widening as the man shuddered at the acrid taste that invaded his mouth. He made a sound of protest, but that soon subsided when K deepened the kiss, devouring his mouth.

He pulled back for air and panted, resting his head against Hiro’s.

“That was gross...” moaned Hiro.

K laughed and pressed their bodies together, entangling their limbs in a tight embrace. “No it wasn’t,” he simply replied, tugging Hiro’s body until they rolled over onto their sides.

Hiro grunted in disagreement, but tightened his hold around K’s waist, twining their legs together. Their limp dicks were pressed against each other’s leg, and their chests crushed together. Hiro’s ass throbbed, and the pain there probably won’t leave until late in the afternoon tomorrow, but he was too tired to care. He felt K’s fingers in his hair, and he smiled, pressing his cheek against the crook of K’s neck. The American held him close, breathing in his scent, mixed with the smell of sex, and hummed a small tune. A Bad Luck tune.

Hiro laughed inwardly and closed his eyes. He really wanted to sleep. He was pretty sure that K would take care of things if he went ahead slept through the rest of the night, so...

K kissed his lover on the forehead when he heard the man purr. He tightened his embrace and closed his eyes, following the younger man’s example and fell asleep.


I love you... Happy Valentine’s.


Note: This story was actually made for Valentine's Day and was dedicated to my special person of the day. ^_^